Rent Ready Standards

Why is this important?

Quality properties attract quality residents. It's important for tenants to be pleased from the very start of their tenancy and property owners to have a happy investment.

This rent ready checklist goes over essential items that need to be inspected, cleaned, or replaced before leasing to a new tenant.



  • All surfaces in every room should be clean, including appliances, light fixtures, fans, window sills, baseboards, cabinet interiors, etc
  • Fans, bathroom fans, and HVAC vents should be free of dust or dirt
  • No signs of bugs, pests, or rodents
  • All garbage and personal items should be removed from the home
  • Floors should be vacuumed and cleaned


  • All smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must be working properly and meet code requirements
  • Property must be free of any light/safety issues, exposed wires, broken glass, or trip hazards
  • Property must be free of visible mildew or organic growth
  • Home must comply with local codes and regulations
  • All cameras/alarm systems that are not Aloe Property-managed must be deactivated

HVAC and systems

  • Thermostat(s) must be operable
  • HVAC filters should have been recently replaced
  • Set heat at 62 degrees or cool to 82 degrees depending on season and market
  • All water heaters must be in good working condition and installed in accordance with local law (e.g. earthquake strapping or pressure release valve laws)
  • If the HVAC system has not been inspected in the past year, order 20 point inspection, preventative primary and secondary condensate drain line flush and evap coil inspection (if accessible) - this is recommended once a year.


  • Gates should open and close freely
  • All padlocks should be removed from gates if keys are not provided
  • Missing or damaged fence slats should be replaced
  • Hose bibs should function properly and not leak
  • All exterior doors should have deadbolts and lock/unlock easily
  • Address numbers should be clear and easy to read from the street
  • Replace or rekey locks as needed to ensure all exterior door locks are keyed the same


  • Ceilings and walls should be clean
  • Garage floor should be broom swept and free of any debris/oil
  • Garage door(s) should be fully functional
  • Garage remotes should be left in a kitchen drawer, two remotes/garage space
  • All personal items, including cleaning supplies, should be removed


  • All utilities should be turned on
  • All utilities should function as intended


  • All plumbing should be in good working order
  • Sewage lines should be clear of debris and have adequate flow capacity to prevent backups
  • There should be no leaks from any plumbing fixtures or appliances

Pools and hot tubs

  • Pool must be serviced with routine servicing required
  • Pool filters must be clean and working properly
  • Must comply with all national and local regulations
  • Swimming pools, hot tubs, or any body of water should be clean, free of debris, and secured if a body of water is present on the property, all access gates must be locked and the keys provided to Aloe


  • Landscaping should be in good condition with routine maintenance required
  • All debris should be removed
  • Irrigation timer should be set to correct seasonal settings
  • Garbage/recycling containers should be emptied and placed in the backyard or designated area; they should only be left on the street if they're full and require pickup

Interior Checklist

Entry doors

  • Main entrance locks must be replaced or rekeyed since the last resident
  • All locks should be keyed to one key
  • Existing doorbell should function properly

Walls and paint

  • All walls should be painted and free from holes larger than a nail hole
  • Walls should be free of excessive nail holes; a reasonable effort should be made to fill existing nail holes
  • There should be no peeling or loose paint
  • Paint should be wall-to-wall with consistent sheen, texture, and color
  • All TV wall mounts should be removed and holes should be patched and painted

Windows and window coverings

  • All windows and window sills should be clean and any cracked windows replaced
  • All windows and locks must be operable
  • All street-facing windows should have operable blinds
  • All rooms requiring privacy should have operable blinds
  • All windows that were designed for window screens should have screens in-place
  • There should be no peeling or loose paint on any window frames or sills


  • Carpets must be professionally cleaned with truck-mounted equipment and free from pet odors
  • Baseboards should be in good repair
  • Hard Surface flooring must be in good condition, free of trip hazards and safety issues
  • If the carpet is more than 6 years old it may be due for replacement.


  • All light bulbs should be working
  • Receptacles, switches, and covers should be in good condition with no exposed wiring
  • Outlets within 6 feet of the sink should be GFCI's; all outlets serving countertop space must have GFCI protection
  • Light fixtures must be in good condition

Doors and closets

  • Closet must have a storage solution (either a rod or sufficient shelving)
  • All doors should have door stops installed
  • All exterior doors should lock/unlock easily with key
  • There should be no peeling or loose paint on any doors

Kitchen Checklist

Countertops and backsplash

  • All countertops should be secure and clean
  • Laminate countertop trim should be in good condition and not peeling
  • Backsplash should be clean and in good condition


  • Sink must drain properly
  • Caulking must be in good condition
  • Faucets and handles should be tight and there should be no leaks or dripping water
  • Repair water damaged boards under sinks as needed, check for corroding pipes and valves and repair as needed before they fail.

Cabinets and drawers

  • Wood under all sinks should be in good condition
  • All cabinets should be in good working condition/repair or replace any broken cabinetry
  • Cabinet/drawer liners should be in good condition; remove or replace, as needed
  • Drawer handles should not be loose


  • All appliances must be in good working order
  • Stove/oven: burners must be operational, oven should have racks, and stove drip pans should be clean and replaced, if necessary
  • If installed, garbage disposal must function properly
  • Grease filter on overhead microwave/range hood should be cleaned/replaced if applicable
  • Inside of microwave should be wiped down
  • Ice maker should be turned off and all ice removed from freezer
  • Dishwasher should be empty
  • Refrigerator should be empty and the insides should be wiped down

Bathroom Checklist

Sink and vanity

  • Bathroom sinks should be clean and freshly caulked
  • Wood beneath bathroom cabinets should be in good condition or replaced
  • Sink must drain properly
  • Faucets and handles should be tight and there should be no leaks or dripping water

Cabinets and mirrors

  • Mirror must be clean and rust free
  • Medicine cabinet must be empty, clean, and rust free

Bathtub and shower

  • Bathtub/shower should be clean and freshly caulked
  • Bathtubs should be free of rust, discoloration, and peeling; repair or resurface, as needed
  • Shower head/tub spout should be clean and rust free
  • Glass doors should be operable
  • Tub and shower must drain properly and have a drain stopper
  • Shower rod must be provided


  • Toilet bowl must be clean
  • Toilet seat must be firmly attached
  • Toilet must be firmly attached to the floor and freshly caulked
  • Toilet flusher must work properly and be rust-free


Residents prefer not to hear comments like "the pool light has never functioned" or "the windows have never had screens; it's a perpetual issue." If any item from the list below is absent or non-operational and you choose not to address it, kindly send us an email so we can inform potential tenants before they apply to lease the property. This proactive approach will prevent tenants from encountering unexpected surprises or disappointments after moving in.